Emergency car lockout services in Winnipeg

Tyson Fleeing
The other night while out running some errands I managed to lock my keys in my trunk. With 2 kids at my side and no way to get into my trunk I felt helpless. I called Local Winnipeg Locksmith who sent a technician right out to my car opened my trunk and made me a spare key in what felt like no time at all. Thank you once again!

House lockout services in Winnipeg

Renee Duglas
I recently moved to Winnipeg and while I was outside moving some boxes I locked myself out of the house. Thankfully I had my cell phone with me so I could call Local Winnipeg Locksmiths They came right out and unlocked my house for me in less than 20 minutes and thankfully they did since I was only wearing a tee shirt and slippers. Thanks Mike!

Car key replacement in Winnipeg

Patty Hiller 
A few nights ago I let my roommate borrow my car something i will never do again. They called me about a hour after they were supposed to have the car back to me to tell me they lost the keys. Obviously I was furious but knew I needed to get a new key since I need my car for work in the morning. I called Local Winnipeg Locksmith who sent a tech out to my house to pick me up and then out to where my car was to make the car key replacement I needed. I am forever grateful to Hank the technician who saved my night.

Commercial re key services in Winnipeg

Wendy Sliterzer
After the recent burglary at my business I was put in contact with Local Winnipeg Locksmith, they came out and secured my property and also went over all the new security measures I needed to take to ensure that this never happened again. The first on the list was the re key of the locks, since I needed to order the bio metric locks the technician showed me this was the quickest most affordable option. Which I was pleasantly surprised that the technician was not out to make a quick buck but to actually assist me and secure my business. Thank you to the whole team at Local Winnipeg Locksmith!

Residential lock change in Winnipeg

Ryan Anderson
After moving into our new home it was determined that the best idea for our security would be to change the locks, so we called Local Winnipeg Locksmith to schedule our free estimate with a residential locksmith technician. They came out to our home early for our appointment and went right to work showing us all the options we have for the new locks and then sat with us while we chose the ones that fit our home the best. Since the tech had the locks in stock in his truck he was able to change all the locks in our house right then and there. I was and still am blown away with the level of service we received from the entire team at Local Winnipeg Locksmith, Thank You!

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